Create a 15 Second Digital Ad
Welcome! You’re about to create video magic--a 15 second video ad complete with music, graphics and b-roll footage. You can see a sample of a completed ad below. The sample script/outline is next to the record screen. You can jot down your own notes in that space as well. 15 seconds is short and it takes most people several times to get it right, so don’t be afraid to retake your video until you’re satisfied.

Why do you love Soapboxx?

Record a 15 second ad. Start with your name and tell us why you love Soapboxx. We’ll hear your voice for the entire 15 seconds, but 5 seconds in we’ll cover your video with b-roll and graphics just like in the example you see here. Tell us one or two things you love about Soapboxx!
Here is a sample script! You can edit or write your own!

Preview your Video

This is how your video will look like with our branded animated overlays. Give it a watch before submitting for approval! If you don’t like what you recorded, remember you can always retake as many times as you need.

Watch a Sample Ad Video Here!
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Your Name Here you will see your captions, in english or spanish, according to your video